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Make motion graphics intro in Blender - Neon text pt.2

The second part of a two-part Blender tutorial showing some cool and easy tips on how to make an epic motion graphics intro.
Creating 3d text with animated edges with glowing neon material in cycles.

00:00 - Introduction
00:38 - making neon glow with the compositor
06:56 - camera motion tricks
11:27 - particle simulation cache
12:28 - using our cloud render farm to speed up rendering

IF you haven't watched the first part, here's a link:

This part covers:
Using the blender compositor to add a glow effect to the neon edges.
Adding flowing particles and spawning a collection of objects with it.
To add more dynamics to the mograph, DJ shows a trick with camera constraint, keyframing, and interpolation changes.
Things like motion Blur and Depth of field which add to the realism and cool look of the final animation are also mentioned.
At the end of the tutorial, DJ introduces you to using our render farm service,
which can help you a lot with getting animations rendered fast and affordable whenever you have tight deadlines on commercial jobs.
Don't hesitate to test it out with free starting credits to get familiar with the process before using it for more serious paid projects.

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Make motion graphics intro in Blender - Neon text pt.2